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"Wen NFT Drop" + 6 more Top 7 reads, podcasts, discussions, and more!

Team MetaPunk
Team MetaPunk
Gm Metapunks 🌞 (or wherever you are in the world). Not much in terms of Llama news for you today, we are looking into maybe hiring one as our community manager but we are struggling to find a translator.
Be vigilant with all your crypto assets, here is a heartbreaking story of someone who was recently fleeced of their assets (after convincing their parents to invest 😓).
In other news, we have decided to start listing some of the more interesting NFT project drops on the main banner on our homefeed.
Anyhoo, without further delay, let’s get to the llama NFT/web3 newsletter you came here for.

Wen NFT Drop.
Would you lend or borrow an NFT to access its benefits instead of buying it?
VeeFriends Series 2. Everything you need to know.
We’re doomed.. 1Password is offering to store seed phrases 🤦‍♂️.
How to Create NFT Pixel Art - Much Exclusive Doge Yacht Club Collection.
Beanie’s End Game NFT Drop.
Soundmint Music NFTs.
Something is brewing NFT Drop. Everything you need to know.
Latest episodes from our favourite podcasts
An All-Time Interview on Changing Your Life’s Perspective
MetaFi: DeFi for the Metaverse, the Audiobook with Jamie Burke
Episode 40 | SXSW x Doodles | Bored Apes Buy CryptoPunks | VeeFriends V2
Building Decentralized Autonomous Companies with Elena Sinelnikova, Co-founder of Metis
MetaFi: DeFi for the Metaverse, the Audiobook with Jamie Burke
How to Step Inside Your Data with Suzanne Borders
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Team MetaPunk
Team MetaPunk @metapunkto

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